Collaborative Clinical Pathways Programme

Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN) and Whanganui District Health Board (WDHB) have commenced the Collaborative Clinical Pathways (CCP) Programme within the district.  A Collaborative Clinical Pathways Leadership Team has been set up to implement this initiative and will use Map of Medicine (MoM) as the pathway development tool.

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The Combined Clinical Directors have endorsed the adoption of MoM (currently being used by MidCentral’s Collaborative Clinical Pathways Team) as a means of improving communication and referral pathways between providers, and standardising clinical practice thereby enhancing patient health and wellbeing.  The use of MoM by both MidCentral and Whanganui is being seen as an opportunity to facilitate regional work through the Regional Alliance Framework.

What is Map of Medicine?

Map of Medicine (MoM) is a UK based software system which houses a collection of approximately 400 clinical pathways based on existing evidence and international guidelines.  There are also a further 1500 “localised” pathways available to view. These pathways are accessible to authorised users via the internet, and can be used as:

  • A rapidly accessible check of best practice, most likely to be used by frontline clinicians;
  • A tool to assist in planning and development of health services across the district, using evidence-based clinical pathways.

Why have we adopted Collaborative Clinical Pathways?

Benefits of using Collaborative Clinical Pathways include:

  • Seamless referral of patients across general practice and hospital care ensuring appropriate screening, diagnostics, referrals, treatment and follow-up
  • Guaranteed acceptance of referrals if pathway is followed by clinician
  • Priority of access to diagnostics if pathways is followed by clinician
  • Electronic referral forms; self-populating referral forms for MedTech users
  • Using best practice guidelines
  • All information is found in one place and using updated guidelines and best practice – efficient use of time
  • One agreed tool for clinicians in hospital and general practice to use – enhanced partnerships and collaboration across services
  • Improved patient outcomes through seamless care across general practice and hospital care


The sponsor for the CCP programme is the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT).

The CCP programme has been endorsed as a WDHB/WRHN key priority in the annual plan and is being led by the CCP Leadership Team.  The membership of the team is made up of the following members:

  • Julie Nitschke (CD WRHN)
  • Rick Nicholson (CD WRHN)
  • Jevada Haitana (Associate Director of Nursing WDHB)
  • Tom Thompson (CD WDHB)
  • Gerard Gregory (Pathways Facilitator)

For more information, please read the CCP Whanganui Information flyer below.

CCP Whanganui Information FINAL

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